Housing is a human right, and we must prioritize the development of equitable & accessible housing that’s deeply affordable (less than 30% of AMI) by:

  • Advocating for up-zoning and pro-density policy throughout the Ward

  • Supporting renter and tenant coalitions and introducing city-wide rent control measures

  • Creating pathways to homeownership, especially for communities of color and indigenous communities

  • Investing in subsidies for culturally-relevant cooperative housing for our youth and elders

Community wealth building

Our skills and potential are as valuable as the currency of money— we must invest in community development through the vehicle of arts and culture. When my husband Sergio and I founded our dance group Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli in 2006, we wanted to create a space to preserve and celebrate our heritage. It became clear that there are systemic barriers that cultural groups on the Eastside face in maintaining their own accessible spaces for teaching and sharing their traditional art forms.

We can build community wealth in the Eastside by:

  • Supporting small business owners by creating accessible pathways towards building ownership of the properties they operate in

  • Shifting the narrative about what inclusive arts and culture means in St. Paul by investing in community development through using arts and culture as a vehicle

  • Investing STAR funding into community-based arts and culture on the Eastside

public safety beyond policing

We need to invest in community-driven public safety programs and reimagine what keeping our neighborhoods safe looks like beyond traditional methods of policing by:

  • Advocating for increased cultural competency and de-escalation trainings for law enforcement professionals

  • Divesting from the St. Paul Police budget and reinvest those resources back into community programs on the Eastside

  • Supporting the demilitarization of police officers when in-community

  • Investing in the dispatch of trained mental health professionals and social workers when responding to mental health crisis situations or calls of domestic abuse

  • Supporting our undocumented neighbors by upholding the City of St. Paul separation ordinance with ICE and hold federal immigration authorities accountable

Environmental Justice

We must protect our air and water, and honor the Indigenous land in which we occupy by:

  • Promoting regenerative energy solutions in St. Paul, like wind and solar

  • Providing incentives for small businesses to use clean energy and hold corporations accountable for how they use our natural resources

  • Investing in zero-waste initiatives and provide support to small businesses transitioning away from plastics

  • Investing in local, multigenerational economic solutions to our environmental challenges to ensure our natural resources are here for generations to come


We need to invest in a modern transit system that allows community members to move with dignity and autonomy by:

  • Initiating conversations about free public transit and what it would look like for the City of St. Paul to invest in subsidized transit for residents

  • Ensuring that transit options are intergenerational

  • Advocating for increased wheelchair accessibility and the immediate removal of snow on sidewalks near and at transit stops

  • Ensuring that our streets are safe for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Standing with our undocumented neighbors by supporting drivers licenses for all, and ensuring that federal immigration officers are not discriminating based upon immigration status when checking fares